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Mobile Car Wash and Car Detailing Service in lynn haven (mobile or drop off)by appointment only call 24-72 in advance please
Open today until 8:15 PM
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Look at the after and before above. Bet you didn't know we dye carpet as well as being back paint. At take ova mobile car wash n detail learn about this and more by clicking below

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Full clean up on 150 take ova mobile car wash includes shampoo and quick wax 8506917572 for more info

Clean up and donate : Christmas help

Dec 8, 2018 – Dec 20, 2018

We want to give back this Christmas use our services and we will donate up to 20% of the price the services to buy Christmas gifts for families in need check out the rest of our page of more information about this or just give us a call 8506917572

We are open to help out after the Strom the Strom has created a lot of Dame to cars like windows broken glass every where ,water damage in cars , scratches, dings, and more if your looking for some one to clean up the mess we should be your first choice no one will care for you like we will we kn...

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I do my best to make people happy when it comes to detailing cars take ova mobile car wash n detail shop is not just a way to make money for me it's my chance to build art and show it off and build relationships with some good people I live what I I do no matter how hard it get some times I'm her...

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Proud to be doing business with one of the best radio station we have to offer in Panama City right here on or beach Powell broadcasting call take ova mobile carwash n detail shop today 8506917572

If your looking for someone to take care of your car damage after the storm call us and set up an appointment today


Check out the first Deputy Cruiser we ever detail I be cleaned cars for police officers before but it was all personal cars πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ so yes this is the first cruise and I feel like we kill this one even with the gun it gave it all the bells and whistles πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ call or text us today about cleaning...

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Group deals (cars/trucks/suvs/vans)

  • Full detail (2 units)

    This is each unit if you have 2 cars regular $150.00
  • Full detail (3 units)

    This is each unit if you have 3 cars regular price 150.00
  • Full detail ((4 units)

    This is you have 4 or better regular price is 150.00

Cars / truck/suvs/vans (packages)


    Could take up to 30 MIN. - 1 HR 1/2. price may vary due to size, conditions and miles includes: interior vacuumed carpets and seats, exterior hand washed with wash n wax, dried with an auto shammy, rims /tires cleaned and shined, windows cleaned (for perfect glass add $10, for rainx add $5)

    Could take up to 1-2 hrs. price may vary due to size, conditions and miles includes: interior vacuumed carpets and seats, wiped down with take ova all-purpose cleaner, and coated with all-purpose conditioning and protected with disinfected, exterior hand washed with wash n wax, dried with auto shammie, wheel wells cleaned, rims /tires cleaned and shined

    could take 3-4 hrs price may vary due to size,conditions and miles includes : interior all carpets and seats vacuumed and hand shampooed and treated in and under (add deep shampooing or steam cleaning for $25 each ), head liner cleaned, cracks crevices, buttons, gear shifter, nobs, cleaned and blowed out, scrubbed and wiped down with take ova all-purpose cleaner, and coated with all-purpose conditioning and protected with disinfected, plus deoder rized (sorry if dog fur add $50 to remove the dog fur and pet stains) /exterior: hand washed with wash n wax, dried with auto shammy, wheel wells cleaned, rims /tires cleaned and shined (add chrome polish for $30 trim and rims), engine bay optinal, wiped down with quick wax if needed (add $50 for hand wax,$100 for polish and wax, $200 for full compand, polished and wax for scract removal ask for quote) ,windows cleaned in and out (for rainx add $5,for profect glass add $10) (head lights cleaned add $30) plus miles charge
  • Full clean up( interior only)

    Same as full detail but interior only
  • Full detail exterior only

    Wash, dry, quick wax, all tires, rims and wheel wells cleaned and shined windows
  • Basic (interior only)

    Same as basic but the interior only
  • Complete full restoration

    Complete full detail + full buff and polish job + headlights + trim and bumper restoration, +razor blade window cleaning

Buff,polish, wax,

  • Quick wax

    A quick go over of your out side if your car with spray wax could take up to 30 min.
  • Hand wax

    Full hand wax from top to bottom with creamy past wax best for protecting your paint from the sun's uv rays
  • Clay bar

    This will take all the smut,rail dust, fall out, over spray, and more out your paint to help build a smoother surface and can also brighting your patience not this is also best for applying wax or polish
  • Polish job

    This is what really brings the shine back to your clear coat this in cludes a hand wax and spray wax as well
  • Full buff job

    Includes Compound :helps to fix medium to light scratches, oxidation, sunspots,water spots,and more,clay bar,polish,hand wax,spray wax
  • Wet sanding (whole thing top to buttom)

    Helps to take out swirl marks, surface scratches, orange pill, runs, on even areas
  • Full buff job with wet sanding

  • Chrome polish (rims, trim and more)

    This price could change to the time frame in witch we have to work this job would be good for rims, grills, trim around head lights and rear lights, and more be looking to pay from 50-85 if adding to a complete detail it only 30.00

Add on's

  • Scratch repair

    Price goes up $10 ever scratch
  • Dog fur

    Dog fur can be difficult to get out and time consuming as well this charge will be added if you have more then a little dog fur
  • Beach sand/red clay/oil/grease

    Beach sand can be very difficult to get out from between seats, seams, vents, carpet, and more
  • Sap removal

    For cars with more then a little sap
  • Sticker/decal removal

    Price may very do to size of decal or stickers we remove car raps as well
  • Tar

    Price may change do to how much tar
  • Grease removal (degreaseing)

    For cars with grease on paint or carpets prices may very
  • Head lights, and other plastic

    Will removed yellowing,and oxidation from head lights note:not all head lights can be cleaned
  • Trim and bumper Restoration

    Done with a heat gun and a recoating application
  • Razor blade xleaning windows

    Done with a razor blade, winded and window polish
  • Water damage

    When your carpets get flooded with with water this also includes seats price may very do to how bad it is
  • Perfect windows

    We spend more time on the glass glass can be difficult dealing with the change in climate cold air and hot air can effect the the window cleaner causing it to streak
  • Bug guts

    Bugs from road trips in grill, on glass, on hood, on lights, on rear views
  • Mold and mildew

    If u got mold and mildew from water damage and heat trap in a car
  • Spot cleaning

    When just 1 stain to 4 or 5 is the only problem
  • Window tint removal

    Let us remove your old and bad tent
  • Deep shampoo machine

    When this is used you will need to let your car set for a day with the windows cracked
  • Carpet die

    Filling in the lost color in carpets or seats this price can change do to how much needs to be done
  • Odor elimination

    We will have to clean the whole car with our order elimination solution from top to bottom by hand or with extract that matters on how bad the older is
  • Pet stains

    Same as spot cleaning and odor elimination but with a different cleaning solution
  • Deep chrome polish rims, grill and trim

    This price is only for those getting a full detail or basic detail


  • Wash and out

    This price is per foot
  • Wash n wax

    This price is per foot
  • Wash n wax and vaccum in side boat or yacht

    This price is per foot
  • Wash wax and full detail in side

    This price is per foot
  • Polish boat or yacht

    This price is per foot
  • Full buff job on boat

    This price is per foot

Rv's, buss, campers and trailers

  • Exterior only (wash)

    This price per foot
  • Exterior only (wash n wax)

    This price is per foot
  • Exterior only (buff job)

    This price is per foot
  • In side only

    This per square foot
  • Rv full detail in and out

    This is per foot only
  • Add the top or top only

    This is per foot
  • Chrome polish rv/trailer

    A lot more chrome means a lot more work
  • Awnings / canopies

    This is a base price changes can be made do to size and condition
  • Bug guts (rv's)

    Removing bug guts
  • Stickers decals and wraps (rv's, busses and trailers)

    Price may change do to work invold sometime like a basic van rap removal could cost up $300 to have it removed plus all the left over for a full size buss about 600.00-800.00 so call for quote

Semi truck cabs, dump trucks cab, bread trucks cab

  • Wash n vac large truck cabs

    Wash n vac, clean windows shine tires
  • Basic detail large trucks

  • Full detail on large truck

    Complete detail on large truck


a week ago
These guys did a fabulous job on my SUV! It looks practically brand new. I highly recommend them and will definitely use them again in the future.
- Nicole M
4 months ago
Outstanding service and an all around great guy. He did an amazing job on the interior of my car, so I can only imagine how great a full detail would be. If you want professional results, call Take Ova Mobile Car Wash and Detailing!!!
- william r
a month ago
Family owned business, great service, reasonable prices, they do really good job every time i need detail my cars. Nice people in general.
- Ars B

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